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The plastination library was started in 2016 by Dr. Maureen Stabio originally as a collection of brains for Brain Awareness Week, and it has expanded to include organs of all systems - healthy, diseased, and anomalous cases. Specimens are shared through a lending library system that has served over 9,000 students, from K-retired, since the start of the collection. This library was inspired by anatomical libraries at the Harvard Warren Anatomical Museum, College of Physicians of Philadelphia Historical Medical Library, and University of Toledo School of Medicine Interactive Museum of Anatomy and Pathology. The library is procured by the staff below with abundant support from enthusiastic master's students from the Modern Human Anatomy Program.


Lindsey Milgrom, Project Manager
Maureen Stabio, PhD
Organ Library Director
Associate Professor, CU School of Medicine
Lindsey Milgrom, Project Manager
Lindsey Milgrom, MS
Project Manager
Milgrom's Anatomy LLC
Jake Shearer, Content Specialist
Jake Shearer, MS
Content Specialist
Keyframed Anatomy, LLC
Alison Grice, Library Collections Manager
Alison Grice
Library Collections Manager

The Lab

An image of an organ library.

The lab is located in room 5101 on the 5th floor of the Education 1 Building.

Contributing alumni:
Becky Hlavac, MS '16
Chelsea Goldberg, MS '16
Tim Browne, MS '16
Shannon Curran, MS '17
Tawyna Harvey, MS, PA(ASCP) '17
Rachel Klaus, MS '17
Dan Heck, MS '18
Dane Donegan, MS '18
Justin Blaskowsky, MS '18
Chorong Hong, MS '19
Christine Castillo, MS '19
Lindsey Milgrom, MS '20
Yuna Park, MS '20

These specimens are used for teaching anatomy and come from bodies donated to the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus through the State Anatomical Board of Colorado​​. All bodies and tissues are accepted with gratitude and treated respectfully. Funding for plastination comes from many sources including the:

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